Towards the Riviera
7 Days - 1.800 km
September 09th to 15th 2023

2023 Towards the Riviera

From Lienz to Monaco over the highest pass roads in the Alps, past fashionable lakes, to the fairytale Principality of Monaco.

The Tour Grande 2023 will take you to areas that everyone has heard about, to routes that only a few know. You ride along a selection of the most beautiful roads of Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France – pure enjoyment.

Enjoying the impressive landscape, having fun with great cars, challenging interesting special stages. You will stay in castles, villas and grand hotels. You will delight your palate with the local specialities. You drive on roads that lead you to romantic dreams. The limited number of participants guarantees exclusivity.


The Tour Grande is designed as a long-distance competition.

It will appeal to up market clientele with valuable, exclusive vintage and classic cars as well as modern sport cars up to today are welcome.

The accommodation in manor houses, castles and grand hotels combined with the limited number of participants, guarantees exclusivity.

It is always a priority that the participants have fun and enjoy it. To determine a winning team, there are a number of innovative and entertaining special stages. These are exciting timing tests with visible measuring points which have to be passed as closely as possible in a dedicated time – mostly the driver can choose this time by himself in advance. It’s never about who’s the fastest!

The Tour Grande considers the precise wishes and needs of its clientele:

No special vehicle equipment required = no modifications to the vehicle

No “average speed checks” = no stress for the co-driver

Exciting and varied regularity tests = not just for professionals

Speeding is possible, but not the goal = everyone decides their own speed

Accommodation in manor houses, castles and grand hotels = just like vacation

The route leads through some of the most scenic areas of Europe = this is holiday!